Monday, November 14, 2011

East meets West in Frankie Slaughter's works of Art!

I first learned about Frankie Slaughter at a trunk show she had at Goodie 2 Shoes, my favorite small boutique in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My mother, a huge fan of Frankie's work, encouraged me to go despite the fact that I was 7 months pregnant...not the most opportune time to invest in a fabulous jacket...but invest I did and I have never looked back. Three years later, and entrenched in the process of trying to start my website, I tracked Frankie down at that same boutique in Jackson Hole. I explained to her that my dream was to start a site where one could buy some one of kind high end items along with some more affordable, but still fabulous, things. When I thought about what it would look like, I thought about Frankie. Primarily sold through trunk shows around the country, Frankie agreed to let me showcase and sell her work on Shoddy-Ba-Chic. I was thrilled! The pieces I have on my site are some of my personal favorites but, let me know your thoughts, if you have a color palate or silhouette in mind, I am sure Frankie could dream something living back in Hong King, I am sure she will be further inspired...who knows what will be next!

Frankie, a native of Virginia and a mixed media artist by trade, moved to Asia for nearly a decade, and was forever changed. Upon her return to Virginia, Frankie began to realize how inspired she had been by the wearable art in ancient cultures. Different fabrics and textures, which were so "everyday" in Asia were suddenly extraordinary to her, and that began to show in her work. Her one of a kind jackets, among other things, are made by mixing textiles and ornaments from East and West, so clearly inspired by the ancient culture of Asia and the modern world of America. All of them different, all of them fabulous, quite simply, her jackets are works of art.

Lucky for us, Frankie has recently expanded her collection to include bags that are made from leather and remnants from her jackets. Perfect for an overnight or for everyday, these bags are second to none! new personal favorite, Frankie uses the same textiles and ornaments used in her fabulous jackets and has created a cuff that is so naturally chic...mixed in a "Frankie" kind of way and placed atop a sterling silver cuff, I have never seen anything like this. At the risk of sounding like a giddy teenager...It is AWESOME!

While Frankie's designs cover a wide range of clothing, jewelry, accessories, and is all personal to Frankie and to it's buyer. Everything is one of a kind and reflects something about the artist and the buyer. Try one on, dare to be different, and show the world who you are!

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